Information flow and communication is at the core of your airport operation and is critical to issues like security, efficiency, safety, service and economic viability. The systems and software needed to run airports depend on reliable cabling. Explore what B3 International can do for you.

Wherever products are sold, lighting, communication, access control, surveillance and ventilation are key. At the same time you need to strike a balance between consumption and efficiency. B3 International offers a great variety of cables to your needs.

Arenas have become multimedia venues with great demands on the infrastructure. Arenas are information nodes in which the network is not only essential for in-stadium communication, but also for shops, marketing, broadcasting etc.

Data centres are the foundations of corporates, crucial to the daily operation of the entire organization. Virtualization, smart buildings, merged systems and cloud computing have placed the datacentre to the core of the company.

From automated climate control to telecommunications, the integration of security, lighting, mechanical, and personal protection is making today’s buildings and homes more intelligent and networked. And since building automation convenience, energy savings, and system reliability depend entirely on effective networks and connections, your choice of cable has to be intelligent too. B3 International is here to help making the most out of your building management system.

In healthcare facilities, operating performance is the guarantee of continuous service for critical processes. From access control, CCTV, emergency lightning to nurse call systems it all relies on your cable infrastructure. Talk to us at B3 International.

Industrial businesses today has to adopt new strategies for their industrial cabling to meet the increased demands for high speed data, supporting high speed control, tracking, and video surveillance.

Despite increasing complexity and sophistication of products, the performance, and reliability of integrated security systems depend on the quality of the cable solution that is chosen. Whether it’s for security, access control, indoor or outdoor monitoring on analog or IP based systems, B3 International has the cables for your system.