These cable are commonly used as interconnecting cables to control, measure and regulate processor aided production within industry and also as flexible power control cables suitable for robotic and automated equipment..

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Part Numbers: C2465, C2466, C2467, C2468, C2469, C2470, C2471, C2472, C2473, C2474, C2475, C2476, C2477, C2478, C2479, C2480, C2481, C2482, C2483, C2484, C2485, C2486, C2487, C2488, C2489, C2490, C2491, C2492, C2493, C2494, C2495, C2496, C2497, C2498, C2499, C2500, C2501, C2502, C2503, C2504, C2505, C2506 , C2507, C2508, C2509, C2510, C2511, C2512, C2513, C2514, C2515, C2516, C2517, C2518, C2519, C2520, C2521, C2522, C2523, C2524, C2525, C2526, C2527, C2528, C2529, C2530, C2531, C2532, C2533, C2534, C2535, C2536, C2537, C2538, C2539, C2540, C2541, C2542, C2543, C2544, C2545, C2546, C2547, C2548, C2549, C2550, C2551, C2552, C2553, C2554, C2555, C2556, C2557,
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